Vancouver – Back to the City

We were back to the same downtown hostel we originally stayed at. That was quite nice for us all – somewhere familiar and a kitchen where we know where everything is!

This morning the girls and I went to Science World while Sarah caught up with the mail. Charlotte enjoyed herself playing with all the “push me” buttons, while Emily crawled through the beaver lodge and enjoyed the balloon lecture (well, she enjoyed the balloons popping!). Science World is a bit like the Science Museum in London, but with lots more hands-on things (you know those pin-boards where you can make an image of your hands by pushing against it – well, there was a full-size version. Guess who got to press his whole body against it – nice image!)

We also went to the pool in the afternoon – but this time I went prepared and sun-creamed myself up. So no “red as a beetroot” moment, this time. What a relief!