Out on the city

With Emily’s leg still in plaster, we had to think carefully before rushing out onto the streets of Singapore. If we knew she’d be in plaster for much longer, we’d buy a buggy for her, but as we hope it will be off this week, it means that for the moment we’re carrying her everywhere. […]

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Hospital Day

Last week Emily got her leg put into plaster. Today, we went to the Singapore General Hospital to see if it could come off. We had to be checked for SARS before we could even get into the building (ID check, temperature check), and once inside the doctors took enormous care to ensure that everything […]

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Travelling with a fussy eater

Over the last few months, Emily has become a more fussy eater. This means that she describes herself as “full” whenever the food in front of her doesn’t appeal, and then declares that she is “hungry” pretty soon afterwards. Typically that means she is “full” when she’s half-way through a bowl of rice, and then […]

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A typical day around Singapore

A few times people, before we left England, people asked me “When you’re travelling, what do you do all day?” – I guess its difficult to believe that you can spend a year travelling around the world without getting bored, or spending all day on the beach. I’ll use today as an example of how […]

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