Yasawas – here we come

The Yasawas islands comprise an archipelago running up the north west coast of the main island (Viti Levu) for a hundred miles. In the last three years lots of new ‘resorts’ (remember, 3 huts and a kitchen!) have been built, as a result of a daily catamaran service that covers the chain. It means that […]

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Bayside living

After two days here we’ve got used to the rhythm of life – breakfast at 7:30 (as we’re the only guests we can choose our breakfast time), then dawdle on the beach until we see the catamaran pull up offshore at 11:15 – that’s a high spot of the day to see if other guests […]

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A trip to the village

Today we went to the island’s village with the gardener. His wife is a weaver, and he offered to take the girls to try their hand at weaving a mat. Of course, they jumped at the chance, so didn’t complain on the 40 minute walk to the village. The village was like typical Asian villages, […]

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Moving on

Today we moved on, further up the archipelago to Nacula Island. We’d booked ahead, by radio, with both the catamaran and the resort, so they knew we were coming. We all piled ourselves and our rucksacks into the dinghy, and met up with the catamaran. This time we were on board for 2 ½ hours, […]

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Leaving the islands

Today we had to return to the mainland. As you can see from the photo, we didn’t all want to go! But we had a good eight days, and were ready to move on – to get back to the mainland to have a nice curry, do our laundry (and does that need doing) and […]

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