Sunny California

We spent five weeks in the USA, between 13th August and 18th September 2003. The pages for this time became pretty long and large, so it’ll take you a while to read them all!Our itinerary took us to Los Angeles, then down the coast towards San Diego. Then we turned inland, through Joshua National Park […]

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Which country are we in?

We’ve now had four days in the States, and we’re certainly wondering which country we are now in. Sure, there are lots of signs that we’re in the US – lots of very very wide roads, lots of very very fat people, and lots of fast food joints. But then, everybody seems to speak Spanish. […]

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LA to Carlsbad to Escondido

We left LA on Friday, and headed down the coast to find somewhere to have a bit of a break and catch our breath for a few days, and especially to allow the girls time to swim and play. Unfortunately the whole of LA had the same idea, and although we had a few hours […]

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San Diego Zoo

Today we had a great day. We went to the ‘world famous San Diego Zoo’. Okay, it was a bit of a surprise to start with that it was going to cost us $100 for the family ticket (£65), but once we’d bitten the bullet (London Zoo was £25 for the family last time we […]

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The American budget deficit

We’re trying to get around the world on a limited budget, of around £400 a week to cover accommodation, activities, food and travel – and everything else. We knew that Canada and America would be more expensive, because of accommodation especially, but America has turned out much more expensive than we’d imagined. The principle reasons […]

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3 micro-climates in one day

Today, after a late wake up, a leisurely breakfast and a swim, we checked out of our lovely Comfort Inn in Escondido and headed inland. Our plan, evolving as we go, is to head towards Joshua Tree National Park – to find somewhere to stay for the night nearby, head into the park tomorrow morning, […]

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Aiming somewhere or drifting?

The day started with a swim for the girls, and a quick visit to Starbucks for me to upload to our website and pickup email (and, importantly, the latest virus updates for Sophos – viruses are big news here at the moment). Then it was off to Calico, an old mining village that is now […]

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America – How weird is that?

So, here we are in the States, and we’re world travellers, and we’ve been there, seen that, done it, got the T-shirt in too many places to mention. (Okay, since you asked, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Macau, […]

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Cowboys and Canyons

After a slap-up breakfast, we looked around Kanab, which used to be the centre of the Western movies business. There was a time when everybody in Kanab, from the postman to the pastor, were extras in the movie business. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin and Ronald Reagan all made films here. But that […]

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Another canyon day

Today we went to Bryce Canyon, the third canyon in three days. Although Kanab is slap bang in the middle of Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyons, it doesn’t mean that it’s near any of them! It’s 30 miles to Zion (not bad), 91 miles to the Grand Canyon (but hell, it’s worth it to see […]

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More driving

Today, more driving. We have to relocate from Canyonlands towards Mammoth Lakes/Yosemite area. There are two ways to do this – head to Vegas, and then drive through Death Valley (in these temperatures, we’d have to be mad), or to head across miles of barren desert, and along the Extraterrestial Highway. So ET it was. […]

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Mammoth Lakes

Yesterday we drove from Tonopah in Nevada to Mammoth Lakes in California. It took us about 3 hours driving time, for around 160 miles. We drove out of high desert, across passes up to 7,500 feet high and between 13,000 ft mountains. It was a long drive, but quite straightforward – roads that were as […]

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Still at Mammoth Lakes

Well, it’s still the holiday weekend, so we’re still here at Mammoth Lakes. After a lazy day yesterday, today was a day to wear ourselves out. We went to the Devils Postpile National Park – the main feature of which is the ‘giants causeway’ style pile of rocks. But we didn’t bother with that, and […]

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Moving on to Yosemite

We were all excited today as we loaded the car and headed away from Mammoth Lakes, towards Yosemite. We knew it wouldn’t take us long – the Park entrance was only 30 miles from the motel, and it was dual carriageway all the way. But getting to the park gate was the easy bit! It […]

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