Back to Bangkok

After our journey to Cambodia – 16 hours of slow-moving misery – we thought we’d try and make the journey back to Bangkok easier. Although the flight was outside of our budget, we splashed out $30 on a taxi to the border. Instead of 7 hours in the bus, it took us just under 3 hours in the taxi – the road was still bumpy, but we were cocooned inside an air-conditioned car, with a good suspension. We can’t believe that we could have saved all of our suffering outwards for just $30!

And from the Thai border, it was just 4 hours by minibus back to our guest house in Bangkok. The trip to Cambodia had left at 7am, and we’d arrived at 11pm. For the return, we left at 7am and arrived at 3pm – enough time for a swim and a relaxing evening. And amazingly the whole journey only cost us $2 more! Another lesson learnt about getting around Asia!

If we’d had more time, we would have spent longer in Cambodia – we would have liked to visit Phnom Penh, and the genocide museum, but we have to be down in southern Thailand shortly to meet up with our friends from England.