Meeting the Beeb

Today was a BIG day – the day we were meeting our director, who will spend the next week filming us around and about Bangkok for the Holiday programme. Ginny’s the director, and the great news was that we had the meeting over lunch at her hotel, so we enjoyed a pretty luxurious lunch in a lovely air conditioned lounge, while we met Martin, the soundman, and Mrs Oh Oh from the Thailand Tourist Authority (Oh, yes, Mrs Oh Oh). Because this is our second time, we’ve got a much better idea of what to expect from this week, and what we’ll be doing. However, we’re aware that Bangkok is a lot hotter than Canada, so it is going to be exhausting work.

Charlotte and Emily were chuffed that Ginny had invited them to bring over the swimming costumes, so they couldn’t wait for lunch and talking to finish, so that they could dive into the pool (seemed strange to us grown ups, because we’ve got a pool in our Guest House that they can swim in every day, but Charlotte explained that the Holiday Inn pool is bigger, and had smarter towels!)