Slow pace of life on Pangkor Island

HornbillWhen we went for a walk this morning, we didn’t have to get very far to see exotic wildlife. Sitting on the roadside opposite our room were three hornbills, waiting to see if they could nab a tasty morsel from the food stall. Sadly, down on the beach we came across a beached, dead Leatherback turtle. The horizon here is full of fishing boats, day and night, so I suspect it might have been caught in the nets of one of them, and then discarded. It was huge, much bigger than Emily, and sad to see. After breakfast we canoed across the bay to a small island, and fed the fish on the reef.

Swinging on Nipah beachAnd after that exertion (what, did you miss something?), we had to take it easy on the beach in the afternoon, swinging in the shade or resting on the sand, watching the world go buy. We’ve found Malaysia to be a very relaxed country to travel in, and Pangkor Island is more relaxed still. Unlike other Asian countries, there’s no hassle or grief trying to do things – it is all very easy, and there aren’t touts waiting outside every taxi/bus/restaurant/bus stop. Its certainly, after Singapore, another easy introduction to Asia before the hassle and rush of Thailand ahead!