Crossing the border to Malaysia

MelakaexpressUp at 6:30, then into a taxi to the express bus for Melaka, across the border in Malaysia. After some of the dodgey transport we’d experienced in Asia in our previous travels, this was a delight! Although it was a full size coach, there were only 3 seats across and 10 rows, so each seat was massive, and lay back miles. It was just like business class on a plane (except much, much cheaper). We had to get out at the Singapore/Malaysia border, for the immigration and customs checks, but other than that we just lay back in the seats and relaxed. By the time we arrived in Melaka, 5 hours later, we’d all caught up with a bit of sleep, and noticeably cooled off.

Melakabus17Then the local transport option took over – we walked a few hundred yards to the local bus station, and sat and waited on the Number 17 bus for the driver to appear. Half an hour later, as we were beginning to wonder if it could get any hotter in the bus, he hopped in and we were off without any warning. We drove all around town (chaotic because ‘the Tour de Langkawi’ cycle race was also in town) and then finally arrived at the end of the street where our hostel is. By this time the girls were hot and bothered, and had both fallen asleep in the heat. So we made ourselves really popular waking them up, handing them their rucksacks and setting off down the road. (Perhaps with hindsight, the £1 taxi option would have been better than the 15p bus option, but these are the things you only learn with hindsight). Anyway, the Travellers Lodge hostel turned up trumps – an air-conditioned triple room with en-suite for £9 (the most expensive they had, but the only one left) – and it is quite the cleanest hostel we’ve seen anywhere in the world. So far then, great marks for Asian family accommodation.