Travelling with a fussy eater

Over the last few months, Emily has become a more fussy eater. This means that she describes herself as “full” whenever the food in front of her doesn’t appeal, and then declares that she is “hungry” pretty soon afterwards. Typically that means she is “full” when she’s half-way through a bowl of rice, and then “hungry” when we walk near an ice cream shop! And in Asia, she’s also decided that there are lots of foods she doesn’t like, and very few she does.

So at the moment we’re in a battle of wills to try and break this down. What we’re not sure about is whether the things she won’t eat (like noodles) are because she doesn’t like them, or because she wants something ‘nicer’. Breakfast is the most difficult here – in Singapore the local breakfast speciality is either rice porridge (you couldn’t even persuade me to want that at 8am in the morning!) or Kaya toast – which is toast with a coconut jam spread onto it. However, we have found that we can get French toast, which everybody likes. So breakfast has been solved as long as we can always get French toast.

Now to solve the rest of the day!