The Farm at Whangaruru


Emily has quickly adjusted to life wearing a plaster cast. After the first night, it doesn’t seem to have caused her any pain, and she was quite happy to sit and watch satellite TV all day long, without having to move a muscle. And when the sun came out, she moved out onto the veranda, looking over the horse paddocks, volleyball pitch, and the backpackers playing petanque.


And after two days she was up and about. In the hospital they’d wondered about crutches, but Emily’s happy without them Although we’re not letting her walk often, she doesn’t want to sit down all day, and there are times when she sees all the children playing and she just wants to be up and about with them. Hopefully that means that she’s not got a broken bone, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see.


Charlotte, of course, hasn’t slowed down a bit, and managed to get her very first horse ride. Although it was just around one of the squares, she learnt to be able to get the horse moving and steering it around. And her first question after getting off? “Can I get a horse when we get home?” We’ve been asked a lot of questions that start and end “Can I…..when we get home?” and most of them have been answered with a ‘maybe’, but this one just had to be a ‘No’. Who knows what life will be like when we get home, but I suspect it’s unlikely to involve Charlotte having a horse!