Getting jabs

When we left England, we’d decided to get the girls typhoid jabs done in New Zealand, so that Emily was a little bit older. So this morning the girls got to pop down to the medical centre and get them. It was quick and easy, and most importantly for them, they were rewarded with a double scoop Hokey Pokey ice cream. So now we’re all up to date with all of our jabs and other medical precautions.


Well, almost up to date. We’re watching the developing situation with the Asian bird flu carefully – we’re flying to Singapore in nine days time, and our plan is to travel through Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. We’re always pragmatic about risks when we travel – after all, a lot more people die crossing the road every day than in most things that hit the headlines – but we’re not going to go rushing into anything dangerous. At the moment the bird flu seems pretty low risk – it doesn’t pass from human to human, and you can only get it from direct contact with live, infected chickens. So the trip to the Vietnamese-chicken-petting-zoo is out then! We’ll just watch and wait, and see what develops. But at the moment, its not changing our plans. But imagine if it goes the way of SARS – our Asian photo’s could all look like the one above!