Around and about Sydney

Charlotte didgeridooIt’s great to be back in Sydney again, and to be somewhere we are familiar with. Yesterday was spent shopping and replacing some more of our worn-out clothes – new bikinis for all the girls, new boots for me! And today was exploring day – walking around and about the city to see the sights. We all walked miles, including the girls, and had a great time. We walked to Darling Harbour, on the other side of the city, and visited the Maritime Museum and wandered around the harbour. We ended up by seeing the didgeridoo show in Darling Harbour (“Fab!” said Charlotte; “Brilliant” said Sarah; “Brrrrrrr” said I trying to get the noise right to play one). And then we walked halfway back home before the girls legs out and we switched to the underground trains. We really enjoy sightseeing in cities, as we all enjoy walking as long as there are plenty of chances for the girls to stop and rest/play. They will walk much further in a city than in the countryside before they complain of being tired, and we all feel as if we’ve had a much healthier day because of it. (I’m not sure if that can be true, breathing in all the traffic fumes, but that’s beside the point!)