A day trip into the Grampians

MackenziefallsWe got out and about in the cars today, to see some of the sights of the Grampians. We drove up the top of a couple of mountains to the viewpoints (talk about making it easy!), and then walked to a couple of waterfalls. Although it is now summer here there’s still water coming over the falls, they had solid rain here a fortnight ago for four days, which must mean that the drought has truly broken here. So the walk to the waterfall was rewarded with an impressive view. Sarah and Michael regularly compare this part of Australia with the views of Africa they remember from 30 years ago. Away from the mountains, the plains are very flat and covered in dry grass, with trees studded around. And every now and again, there’s an emu or kangaroo beside the road. If only the flocks of sheep were wildebeest…..