Boxing Day – time for a walk!

Well, after spending a day in and around the cabin, we thought we should go for a walk today, and work off the excesses of Christmas (how many people at home will have done exactly the same!). As you’ll have seen from the photos of the last 5 months, we haven’t done anywhere near as much physical exercise this trip as last time, because the children don’t have the same stamina for walking. 12monthson4stonelighterThis picture was taken after 12 months of travel last time, where I’d lost 4 stone after travelling through India and Asia – somehow I’d imagined that something similar would happen this time, but of course no chance! Not only have we had less chance for hiking, but we’ve also spent the last 5 months in countries with easier access to unhealthy foods – Canada, the US and now Australia. Here in Australia, for example, we’ve been very actively using the barbecues, which means quite a bit of meat and sausages.

Anyway, back to today – we decided to walk around the lake by the caravan park, which didn’t look huge, but by the time we were halfway around we knew it was bigger than it looked! Anyway, it was 10km round, so we had a healthy long walk (fortunately we’d left Charlotte and Emily at home with Gloria and Michael), and felt much better for it!