Water, water everywhere

When it rains, and we’re confined indoors, the cabin can seem a bit small – especially if the children decide to play a noisy game. But when the rain stops, and we can go outside, its great to be able to get onto the beach, or go for a walk. Today, after some early morning rain, we headed up to Marriners Falls, a 2 mile walk through the rainforest. The track was pretty easy going, with four stream crossings across stepping stones, and it went deeper and deeper into the forest – eventually completely shaded by the huge ferns which cover all of the forest floors here. The silver-lining to the earlier rain was that the trickle over the waterfall had turned into a semi-torrent. The fall itself was surrounded by moss covered rocks, and fallen trees lay across the pool at the foot. It was such a perfect sight, it was a though it had been made as a film set. Sheeppoo

On the way back to the town, we saw an example of the rural economy – a farmer selling bags of ‘sheep poo’. Given that sheep are free-range, and wander all over the hillsides, we wondered how he collects and bags it? Does he wander all over the hillsides with a collecting bag, or has he improvised a device to hang off the back of the sheep?