Victoria – 3 seasons every day

Melbourne has a reputation as the “changeable weather capital of Australia”, and now we’ve been in the area for a couple of weeks, we know how true that is. Every day seems to dawn bright and with blue skies, then deteriorate towards either too high temperatures, or in the opposite direction to cold winds and rain. Yesterday it was 39 degrees and blue sky – just stepping outside sapped the energy away from you. And today its wet and around 17 degrees. The rain started before 7am, eased up slightly at 1 o’clock, and then came back with a vengeance later. Its quite amazing, considering that this is the Australian summer (their school summer holidays start tomorrow), and we hadn’t really packed for such poor weather (we’d been planning to stay in summer temperatures all year! We’ve had to add a few more layers some days, and you sometimes wonder if we’d be warmer at home!Marengosunset

But when the weather is good, it’s quite something! Yesterday morning I went for a walk on the beach at dawn, and saw this sunrise. So its not all doom and gloom when the weather’s bad, and just like at home – if you don’t like the weather, at least it’ll change soon!