The Otway Fly

Today was another day of rainforest and walks. After a picnic lunch and a short trek, we went to the Otway Fly, about 40 miles from Apollo Bay. This is a treetop walkway, suspended between huge metal poles up to 45 metres above the ground. They very kindly used a metal grid for the floor, so that when you look down you can see exactly how high you are. Charlotte opted out before we’d even got onto it, as she’s not really got a head for heights.Otwayfly

For 600 metres we walked amongst the tree tops, looking down on the forest floor waaaay below us. It was quite exhilarating, and unlike anything we’d ever done before – especially the cantilevered section, rocking and swaying as you step out onto a 30 metre walkway suspended over nothing and held up by two high tension wires. (If you saw “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”, the walkway is a bit like the metal bridges they walked across to their challenges).