The Otway forest

MaitsrestWe’re staying in Merango, a mile from Apollo Bay, which has got the sea on one side, and the Otway State Park on the other. The coast here is lovely – sandy beaches in the bays, with rocky headlands in-between – and is great for rock pooling (yesterday evening at low tide we found hundreds of starfish and multi-coloured anemones). And today on our inland trip we enjoyed walking through rainforests covered with ferns and towering eucalyptus trees. Along the way we saw another echidna and then koalas – they cling to the trees and munching all of the leaves and then drop asleep in the most unlikely positions. We finished with a visit to Cape Otway lighthouse, up on a headland with sweeping sea and coastline views. The weather has also improved too – yesterday afternoon we had torrential rain, and it got very cold overnight. But by this afternoon the clouds had gone, to be replaced by blue sky and warm temperatures.