En vacation, en famille

OceanparadefamilyIt definitely feels like we’re on a seaside holiday! Today we went sightseeing to the surf beaches, watching the locals ride the waves while tucking into a picnic on the beach. Australians love to get to the coast at the weekend, and on a Friday and Saturday night the camp sites fill up with people leaving the big cities for a couple of days. Mostly their time is spent surfing (under 30’s) or fishing (over 30’s) – or at least that’s what the men do. We haven’t been able to work out what the women do, as they don’t seem to get out in the same numbers – in fact, we mostly see them looking after the children while the men are out doing their thing. Australia sometimes seems to represent England 30 years ago! But as you can see in the photo, we’re getting out all together, and all seeing the same things.