“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

We’ve heard the line a few times in the last week – once when we re-met somebody we’d originally met in Fiji; then yesterday when we met a family that are spending 6 months going around the world, who saw us on TV the night before they left the UK (apparently we gave them a boost of confidence, as they were a bit nervous on the eve of their trip – something along the lines of “If those idiots can do it…“.)

But the strangest coincidence was a week ago, when we met a lady who asked “Excuse me, do you live in England?“, which then went to “Do you live near Oxford?“, which then became “In Deddington?“. And then she described the inside of our house to us! It turned out that she was an Australian nurse, who had been working in England, and had been a rural specialist covering north Oxfordshire – she’d actually visited us three years ago at home to try and help with Charlotte’s eczema. How weird is that? As Mickey Mouse says “It’s a small world after all!”