EchidnaWe’ve seen quite a lot of wildlife in the wild while we’ve been in Australia – kangaroo, emu, eagle, dingo, parrot, crocodile, tree kangaroo, platypus, wallaby, cockatoo, blue tongued lizard, koala, snakes, monitor lizard, iguana, possum, shark, whale, brumby (wild horse), turtle, dolphin, tree-frog, cane-toad and probably others. But today the highlight was spotting an echidna running across the road. We stopped to take a good look at it, and couldn’t believe how weird it looked in real life. In many ways its like a cross between a hedgehog and a porcupine, but with a strange snout borrowed from an ant-eater. Without a doubt, the wildlife has been a real treat for the girls. And when their Nana and Opa arrive next week, I’m sure we’ll be led by them to spot many more animals and birds. The two things we still want to see are the Thorny Devil (a lizard), a Sydney Funnel Web spider (the world’s deadliest spider, so perhaps we don’t really want to see one!) and a Taipan (the world’s deadliest snake, ditto!)