Going south

PambularoosWe’re sitting in the seaside town of Pambula Beach – well, it’s a village with a shop and a petrol station, but here in Australia that counts for a town (you should see what counts as a city!). The good news for us is that the weather is improving, and although its still cool, the sun is starting to shine a lot more again. Phew! The girls love this campsite, because there’s an indoor pool (as well as two outdoor ones), a big playpark with trampolines, and kangaroos hanging out all over the caravan park. As you can see, they relax right between the caravans, always scrounging for food! Its also nice that there are other children of their own age to play with – although we’ve met a few families as we’ve travelled, it has not been as many as we’d expected, because most children are in school!Roosatthevan

But at this site, we were right next door to a tent with Emma and Bryce, around the same age as Charlotte and Emily, and they became partners in crime – seeing how close to the vans they could throw the Frisbee (Aaargh!) and how easily they could sneak off to the trampolines without an adult spotting (Very, very it seemed!). For three days we’ve had a relaxing time here, around the camper and on the beach.