The whitest beach in the world – not

MountainmistAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, we’ve been staying on the “Whitest Beach in the World”. But sadly we’ve been staying here (Huskisson in Jervis Bay) on the greyest days of the year – it has rained virtually non-stop for three days (There, that’s a bunch of you smiling with a very smug grin, now that you know that its not perfect for us every day!). Apparently it never rains for three days in a row, and it never, never rains all day. So I guess we should be happy that we’re here to celebrate the drought-busting weather. But its just not fair – the whitest beach in the world is a dull tone of grey, the blue sea is mucky green/brown, and the sky is horrible. And every minute the clouds seem to move closer and closer to the ground. So there you go – Australia isn’t always sunny, and isn’t always dry.

To add to our gloom, we listened to the radio for three hours this morning and they only mentioned the World Cup twice (funny, it was 24-hour world cup before the final), and then only to remark that “really both teams won”. Well, Mr Pommy-Basher, they didn’t. England won. You lost. You came second. And NOBODY EVER REMEMBERS WHO CAME SECOND.