Emily’s Birthday day

EmilybirthdayThis morning we woke up to Emily’s birthday – and like Charlotte she was excited to open her presents and cards, including some from home. We’ve had to choose presents carefully, as when we leave the camper van next month we’ll be back to carrying everything in our rucksacks – so most things will be used up by the end of the month. I’m praying that the Barbie Bingo game, that a friend sent from home, will wear out by then too – especially if we carry on having to play it 16 hours a day!Houseonthemove

Then it was on the road again, towards the coast. Again, it was miles of boring scenery, which got even more boring when we drove through a wheat growing area – we didn’t even see any wildlife there, nor any trees – just like at home the farmers had removed everything to create a flat, yellow landscape with nothing to break up the view. But the most exciting thing happened to be on the road in front of us (yes, after 700 miles of outback, this was really exciting!) when we got pulled over by the police in order to let a house go past. We knew that they did this – lift up wooden houses and move them around – but we hadn’t expected one to come down the road towards us. It gave ‘moving house’ a different meaning. It set us wondering – If you move house like this do you have to pack up? Can you stay in the house while it’s moved? We decided that there was probably a couple of pensioners sitting on the sofa, trying to stop their teacups sliding off their laps!Campinginafield

We ended our day in a small village called Crows Nest, in the nicest location for Emily’s birthday tea party – tonight the camper van will definitely be a room with a view!