Another Outback day

Today was spent driving from Emerald to Roma. On the way out of Emerald we found yet another example of the ‘Big’ phenomena – the Big Easel.

VangoghthumbThe small picture doesn’t really do it justice – so the one below gives better context. VangoghThere’s something strange in the Australian character that makes them create these nutty ‘big’ sights. Why do they do it? Do they think it will make people flock to their town to see it? Certainly some of them are used as attractions (we got sick of seeing the “Only 200km/100km/50km/20km/10km to the Big Pineapple” signs on the way up).Outbackview

The rest of the day was taken up with more boring outback scenery – I really can’t say much more – 300 miles of looking at this, and spotting the occasional animal, or even rarer, a car coming the other way. The only thing which really disturbed the drive was when a road train came charging towards us – huge artics with two trailers. They’re okay on main roads, but if one’s heading towards you on a narrow road, you need a good grip on your steering wheel as they approach, because of the drag and the way you end up so close to them.