Pressing the pause button

CampingintherainToday was a chance to ‘pause’, to recharge our collective batteries, and catch up on some sleep. Every now and again we get to the point of needing a rest for a day – perhaps to catch up after having 24 hours a day with the girls being too energetic! And today was one of those days, which was handy because it was also a wet day – every couple of hours it rained for half an hour. And just to prove that not every day is sunny on our trip, I rather sadly took a photo of the rain running off the camper van awning. There, some people will be very happy now – David Hunt to mention one. And just to seal your satisfaction, let me add that when its raining there’s not much freedom – basically we’re confined to the van, watching the rain run down the windows, and the condensation block the view. And, under our breaths, curse a lady called Caroline for teaching Charlotte the ‘See, Chop, Knee’ rhyming song (with actions) that she likes at times like this!

And so, although we’re staying at a campsite called “Adventure Whitsundays”, our day was full of anything but! Oh, and not a firework in sight in the evening. Surely our former colonies would have kept up the old traditions of their mother country? What is internationalisation coming to?