Bonny Hills

Last night we arrived at Bonny Hills, a small village south of Port Macquarie. We’d turned off the Pacific Highway to take a smaller coastal route, and the Lonely Planet had told us that the campsite at Bonny Hills had the ‘best views on the east coast’. This was more our kind of place – lots of grass, not too many people, and an astonishing view along a 15 mile white sand beach. As we woke up this morning at 7am, the surfers were out on the waves, making the most of the last day of their holiday weekend. The weather isn’t any better, overcast and frequent showers, but we’ve decided to stay here for 2 nights, and then head further north. It gives us all a chance to relax, get used to life in a campervan and catch up on our reading!Bonnyhills

The girls set out to find everything hidden in the van. Greg, the chap from the campervan hire office, had told us that he’d “put a few extras in the for the girls”, and it was with huge delight that they found child-size snorkels, badminton racquets, fishing lines, a Frisbee and a pink lilo in the storage lockers. The girls enjoyed trying them all out, including snorkelling across the grass to check out the barbecue area! It was a hidden bonus for them, as they didn’t bring many toys with them, and definitely not things that take up space, so Greg has won himself a few brownie points from them!

Late in the day, after a couple of rainstorms, we saw dolphins playing in the bay, and then we wandered down to watch the surfers from the beach. The beaches here are amazing, and just being on one lifted us all.