Sydney – well, might as well be in London

No, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, but the miserable weather (maximum today of 17 degrees, and on-and-off rain) mean that we’re not doing a lot of sightseeing in Sydney. As we’ve been here before, we’ve seen the big sights, so we’ve decided to take the girls to them when we’re back in Sydney (beginning of Dec and of Jan), rather than force them to stare at the rain running off the roof of the Opera House.

So the last couple of days have been ‘domestics’ – catching up with emails, replacing flip-flops and swimming costumes (for the girls) and other such non-stuff. I feel sorry for the tourists that will only be in Sydney for a couple of days – they have no choice but to do the tourist sightseeing in the rain, whereas we can just wake up, see the weather, and turn over in bed (actually that’s not really true when you’ve got two small children in the room with you – but we can dawdle over breakfast-making in the communal kitchen!). We spent most of today indoors. After a long breakfast, we then caught up with laundry and emails. Its really nice getting emails from home, and replying to people – days like today are great for doing that, because sitting down for a few hours composing emails isn’t frustrating – it’s different when the weather is sunny outside, and the last thing you want to do is sit inside. After lunch, we took the Metro into town to look for new bikinis for the girls – with success – and then had tea before hitting bed early. A boring, uninspiring day – but then not every travelling day is about excitement and the wow! factor.