On another big drive

Highway101We had one last look at San Francisco this morning, because we hadn’t really got any video of the cable cars. It was a mad dash to do all three cable cars, plus two trams and two buses. Even though we were rushing around, it was still a lovely, relaxed city. We’re definitely a bit sad to leave it. We finally drove out of the city at 2:30 – the first time in the car for 5 days, which has been a nice break for us all. However, we are heading down the coast road to LA and Disneyland, so we’ve got 500 miles ahead of us in the next day.


The drive down the Big Sur was spectacular – lots of wild coast lines, with beaches hidden in the bay, and waves hitting the rocks below us. The road twisted along the coastline, occasionally coming across huge drops on the outside curves. Although the Highway 1 coast road goes for hundreds of miles, the Big Sur section, which is the most spectacular, is 90 miles long, and took us 3 hours to drive. It was 5 o’clock by the time we started it, so we saw the sunset while we were driving down. Bigsur2We stopped for dinner at a gruesome diner (but when the next one is 50 miles, there’s no choice), and then settled in for more driving. We’d decided we’d get as far as we could before finding a motel, so that tomorrow’s drive isn’t too long. But as we got further south (and a bit closer to LA) motels started getting more expensive because of the weekend tourist traffic. By the time we eventually stopped (just short of Santa Barbara) it was midnight, and we were paying $80 for the room! In all, we’d driven 350 miles from San Francisco, a large section along the twisty coastal road. We were all exhausted – the girls had finally fallen asleep at 11pm, and I’d found the drive a bit shattering (In fact, so shattering that I didn’t finish the sentence on the website in the first version of this! And this section was piled full of typos and spelling mistakes)

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