Vancouver at warp speed

Today was “the Vancouver day” for the BBC. We had to pack in a complete filming section for the whole of Vancouver, and boy, did we pack it in.

We started at 8.00 outside our favourite coffee shop, being filmed walking down the street, and then buying/drinking coffee and updating our website via the wireless internet. We also picked up our emails (“thanks” to everybody who keeps in regular contact!). You can see the kind of antics that Matt and Steve got up to – sadly I missed the picture of them being threatened by a trolley bus!Street walk

Then it was down to the hostel for a shoot of us walking out, which we did three times, and then filmed inside (the kitchens, the lobby, the ‘speaking to camera’ bit, the bedrooms etc etc). Then we all walked down to the beach, to catch the False Creek Ferries across to Granville Island.

We had to do the ferry trip twice (of course), and then we went to the Children’s Market in the island, where the girls got to paint pottery, play in a fun zone and spend some money on small toys.Granville lunch

Then, after a magical lunch looking over the marina and under the arches of one of the city bridges, we then took another ferry to Science World. As the girls had already been there, we just filmed, then shot off on the Sky Train to the harbour.Floatplane1

This was the big high of the day – the floatplane, taking off in the harbour and flying around North Vancouver. What a buzz!Floatplane3

Then back to the beach for some final thoughts (to camera of course) and then a quick bite to eat and drink, before packing.

Phew, what a day!