Driving, driving, driving me mad…

Today we moved from Kelowna to Vancouver – it’s a distance of around 400 kilometres – 250 miles. (Here’s an odd thing – although Canada is in North America, it seems to be trying to be in Europe too – they measure distance in kilometres and metres, not miles and feet like the Americans, and they measure petrol (gas) in litres and food in kilo’s. It’s not at all what I expected. I think it is just a ploy to confuse Americans when they come over the border. “Gee, it’s 400 to Vancouver, let’s invade Costa Rica instead”)Road Trip

Anyway, we’ve driven over 2,500 MILES this trip, from Vancouver, up the coast to Squamish, across to Kamloops, Squilax, Revelstoke, then through the Rockies to Jasper, then back to Banff, then down to Kelowna, and finally today down to Vancouver again. The hire car has certainly earned it’s money. I’d not realised that there were such big drives from Vancouver to the Rockies, although I had realised that I shouldn’t drive coast-to-coast in a month!

Anyway, today was our final drive, and as ever the girls were great – happy to sit and talk/play/sing while we ripped our way across the great Canadian motorways (for those of you who’ve driven them, you’ll know that ‘motorway’ thing is satirical). We arrived in Vancouver around 2pm, and after we’d put our bags in the hostel I took the car back to the rental agency.

I managed to get a pitiful rebate because the air-conditioning didn’t work (14 days with 39 degree heat), but Curtis behind the desk pointed out I could have stayed at home, and baked there!

Still we’re here, and life goes on.