Living with the BBC (well not literally)

Sometimes I wonder whether it feels odd to the crew, because they are just around us for 10 days, and then going onto their next project, and I guess they’ll never see us again. Whereas for us, as backpackers, being with people for 10 days is a long time and a pretty intensive experience. As backpackers you tend to make friends very quickly when travelling, because you’ll only meet people for a day or two, before you then all move on, and rarely see people twice. So spending so long with the crew is great for us, because it gives us a chance to develop beyond an initial ‘get to know you’. But it will seem very odd next week, when we head off to California and they head on to their next job. That’s what I’m getting at – for us this is all part of a big adventure, whereas for them I would guess it’s something that pays the bills, and is one of 20 projects they’ll do this year. Somehow though, we’ve felt that we’ve got to know them better, and that we’re not really being treated as just a ‘subject’ of the camera.