Revelstoke – Oasis of calm

We’re now in Revelstoke, a calm and peaceful town between the smoke and fire around Kamloops, and the tourist-filled roads of the Rockies. The air here is much clearer, and we can see the high peaks of the Rockies to our East.

The town is absolutely beautiful – full of wooden houses which have been preserved from day’s gone by, and very picturesque. Our hostel is an amazing building, with oak floors everywhere, and cool rooms (that’s cool heat-wise). It’s nice not to be boiling every single minute of the day and night.

Later today we meet up with our BBC TV Holiday programme crew and head into the Rockies proper, up to Jasper (where a new forest fire has started!), and into mountain territory.

Our plans are being affected by the fires, and our views, but we’re perfectly safe – the public advice and information is brilliant on radio, TV and via the Internet. And from later today we’ll have a guide with us, plus minders from the tourist offices, so it’ll be even safer.Revelstoke Ranges