Luminara 2003

On Saturday night, in Victoria’s Beacon Park, we went to the Lumina Festival. luminara6

This is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. For a start, it was a family oriented festival starting at 9 o’clock in the evening – but the reason for this is that it’s a lantern festival.


The park is given over to static displays of lanterns, and art performances such as bands and dance groups (it certainly brought out the hippies of Victoria, who happily wandered the park with their babies wrapped to their bodies in the African style sarongs).


Thousands of people fill the park, and many carry their own home-made lanterns. Before we arrived, I thought a lantern was either those red ‘Chinese ball’ style ones, or those Z-spring paper ones you buy from Ikea. luminara4

But the people of Victoria have other idea’s. In the weeks before the festival they seemed to have spent their time thinking up the most amazing lantern shapes. luminara1

There were birds, fish, kayaks, whales, globes, horses, buses – basically you name a shape, and somebody had made a lamp in that shape. luminara2

And it wasn’t just “a fish”, but specifics such as “a trigger fish” or “a killer whale”.

luminara7 Anyway, pictures tell a thousand words, so I’ll let the pictures describe themselves. luminara8

As you can imagine the children both loved it, and didn’t have a problem staying awake until 10:30, and even managed to walk back to the hostel through the whole of downtown at the end.