A year without Television – or so we thought

This week the children are having to cope without television – due to the usual kind of minor transgression that allows parents to impose discipline completely disproportionate to the crime! Anyway, as a result, every morning they’ve been having a lie in, or even doing creative things in the morning. The interesting thing is that I guess they’re going to get very used to not having a TV on in the mornings or afternoons.

But all that MUST change…because next week we’ve got a visit from a researcher working for the BBC Holiday programme. A few weeks ago they asked for people to let them know if they were planning a gap year – and we did (although we’re not really typical gap-year-ers). Apparently they did have lots of interest, but for some reason (can’t think why?) we stood out.

So next Tuesday they’re coming to visit, film a little bit of us (that’ll be fine for the children and Sarah, but those of you who know me will be aware that I have “a face made for radio” – so I’ll lurk in the background given the option!). We’re not sure what it could lead to, but we’ll see. It would certainly suprise a lot of people if we popped up on their TV screens!