Today was the day when my boss told my department I’m leaving to go around the world. Although I won’t be leaving work until the end of June, we are going through a departmental reorganisation and so it made sense to tell everybody now, so that somebody could be hired to replace me, and leave no gap in the department.

Everybody was really excited for me – over the day lots of people congratulated me on making such a big decision, and wanted to hear all about it. (Makes me worry if I’ve done the right thing – hadn’t realised it was such a big decision as everybody is making it!). I’m sure over the next few weeks the message will get around the business, and I’m sure others will be wanting to know why I’d be so dumb to give up a good career for a backpack (but once it’s in your blood, it’s difficult to shake it). We’re definitely born travellers – Charlotte our eldest at 7 years has already visited 17 countries, so she’s going to have the same travel bug as we’ve got.