The House goes on the web

Having chosen our rental agents, Finders Keepers, they’ve now posted our house up for rent on the Internet. (Got money and clean feet? Take a look at Finders Keepers). They were fast workers – they only took the photo’s yesterday, and today they’ve put it online – must be using some blogger software!

Anyway, they came along while we were out this afternoon and put up a “To Let” board. Which should have been fine, but when we got back at 3pm we found that the house didn’t have any electricity. After getting out the electricity company (whatever anybody tells you about Southern Electric’s poor service, our experience was great – within 40 minutes they had a man and a van on site, trying to sort us out). Anyway, three men later at 5 o’clock (“Oh no, I’m a linesman, you need a joiner”) they found out that the line had been interrupted 16M away from the house. And guess what was put up before 3 approximately 16M from the house – yes, you guessed it, the nice sign board. The electric cable can’t have been that deep, and the Metpost™ must have gone straight through it. (So now there must be a guy walking around Finders Keepers with a hairstyle like Don King!). Overnight the electric company have hooked us up a line from the local street lamp (I though they only did things like that in the slums of India), and tomorrow there will be a hole in the road outside the house (Hmmm, that will make it attractive to rent!).

Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I won’t have to pedal the exercise bike to get enough power to write this diary!