Starting to think about going around the world…

We’ve worked out that there are 4 important things before we can go travelling, and we’re setting out to cover them all soon.

  1. Charlotte’s schooling – she’s 7 (Year 2) and will be leaving at the end of this year for 12 months. She’ll be away for the whole of Year 3, and so we want to make sure that we cover that years curriculum with her while we are away, so that she isn’t disadvantaged when she comes back into school.
  2. Work – I’ll be giving up my job, and then job hunting when I return.
  3. Flights – we need to get exactly the right kind of ticket for our Round the World jaunt. It’s not going to be tricky, just needs finding!
  4. House – we’ve got a lovely house in Deddington, which we’ll need to rent out while we are away. That will make sure it’s safe, and we’ll also cover the mortgage (phew!). So we need to check out our choice of agents (our ideal is to come back to the house in the identical state it’s in now, as we’ve just finished major interior design work).